MainBoard’s beginning was Computer & Network repair, Integration of systems, Convergence of Telephone and Internet, Websites, Mobile Telephony and much more.  Put our Technology Expertise in your corner.


We work with you one on one to build and improve and use our technology expertise to help change your company for the better. IoT Integrations, Customer Experience Improvement, Systems Convergence and Training to name a few.


Our history is in “Cybersecurity” before it was a buzz word.  Cybersecurity is an overall Operations Process evaluation and change management; There is NO magic pill to make cyber threats go away, it is a process.

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Click through and let me know something about your call and when.  My calendar is linked through this site.  Need me speedier than this?  Text Message (276) 865-1025.

Clients We Have Served

MainBoard Consulting works with clients all over the contingent United States from teleconference to onsite as needed.  While we can offer references from our prior clients, we do not.  Client information is confidential to us, we enter into confidentiality agreements for any engagements that is a mutual protection agreement between their company and MainBoard.  We don’t mind showing our Certificates, Resumes and Degrees, or even an intense game of chess if needed.