Phishing Problems?

Most companies and businesses today use email and Internet access for critical business functions.  Today most businesses are aware of the words: hackers, phishing and social engineering as well.  If you’ve ever checked an email that doesn’t have too much security in place that messages can successfully get in and out, then chances are you have seen a phishing email, an attempt to hack you, your computer or your company’s network by getting you as a person to click something, respond to an email or do something you normally would not do so that the hacker can gain some control or get access into a computer network, get information or just details about something, anything.


One of the best things your company can do to avert or counter phishing and social engineering is to offer training and development to your staff that comes apart from the forced ho hum another training day, help your staff develop their working knowledge on a regular schedule instead of the traditional method brain dump that simply doesn’t work since you need to have functional operatives that know how to properly handle a tool or piece of equipment.


MainBoard Consulting helps companies build custom solutions; we also help companies purchase existing systems and implement those systems in a consultative support role to the administration and management that likely is already at maximum capacity.  Whatever your company’s need, we’d like to help you grow and develop your staff and prevent the upper 70% reason why network breaches occur.