Is Your Email Safe & Secure?

I’ve had a couple of calls from people that still have email addresses, and I still notice that some businesses use email domains as well.  With an announcement long on the books that Verizon was planned to stop managing and housing the email servers, personal users were told to migrate to AOL or Yahoo and they would be able to retain their email.


If you succeeded in the migration, your mail is handled by one of these companies; if not, your email is likely on the rocks now.


When a business has a contact address, it is imperative that it work all the time, full time, not part time and it is managed efficiently.  What happens if you lose a big business deal, or if you are an attorney or government agency and need to produce a legal archive for court or other type request?


Email should be handled as a delicate record that will help you or hurt you if there is ever a question of communication or compliance.  There are several secure, compliant solutions to email from Microsoft O365 Exchange, Google Apps for Business and other self hosted solutions.


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