Change YOUR Passwords!

Being “hacked” can be a nightmare.  Having your identity stolen because of being hacked is the salt on the wound especially because of weak password security.  Some of the major hacking cases that have made headline news ultimately stemmed back to default username and passwords or something completely silly as the password.  You should ALWAYS change the default username and make passwords more complicated than what someone taking wild guesses could crack; Hackers use dictionary attacks through computers and a typical “qwerty1” as a password would take only seconds to be broken in to. 



You would think computers, especially those with Federal Government or banking level use would have a fleet of armed ninjas at the door to protect them but they don’t.  The password is the biggest layer of defense.  Not saying it is the only layer of defense, but it is the first thing that pops up on screen asking for the user to authenticate.  Hackers rely on people being lax with their security, they are always searching for faster and stronger ways to hack so make sure you step up your game. An interesting concept is that the computer is not actually being hacked, it’s the end user’s lack of concern or antagonism towards computer security. 



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