About Us


As your consulting “partner”, you will have access to an experienced operative from the field your need resides in.  MainBoard Consulting is led by Joseph Boyd.  Joseph’s background is in IT Infrastructure, Financial Services, Retail and Entrepreneurship and extensive academic studies. Joseph is also connected to industry experts that work with Joseph to bring the ideas and solutions you may need together.



In a collaborative consulting capacity, we work with you to help you make the discovery. Using our access to extensive academic research and case studies, conferences and expert opinions, we help you navigate the map of options.

Extra Pair of Hands

In the Extra Pair of Hands role, we work with management in support of defined operational plans. We serve alongside you, provide operational level coaching as well as executive coaching.

The Expert

In consulting, an Expert methodology is for the consultant to be your trusted adviser and coach, where you describe the vision and outcomes desired, we research and assist with implementation and you approve the process to get there.