Six Sigma

How do you improve on anything that doesn’t appear to need improving? You check your measuring tape for accuracy among a few other tests.

Marketing Management

How is your marketing strategy and plan working out for you? Don’t have one? Cannot afford one? More than likely you cannot afford to NOT have one.

Cybersecurity Consulting

A comprehensive management plan and process implementation, policies, procedures, audits, remediation and start all over and do it again.

Clients We Have Served

MainBoard Consulting works with clients all over the contingent United States from teleconference to onsite as needed.  While we can offer references from our prior clients, we do not.  Client information is confidential to us, we enter into confidentiality agreements for any engagements that is a mutual protection agreement between their company and MainBoard.


Recent Projects: Cybersecurity Executive Briefing Program; Employee Development & Awareness; Physical Premises Access Control and Cloud Video Integrations; Internet Connection Optimization and Failover Improvement; Security Evaluation and Recommendations to NIST and ISO Guidelines.